The swimming lessons provided by Mary Beth Taylor with the support of The Club at the Township is much more than a sport or an extracurricular activity. It is a commitment to community education, health and safety that is available to both members and nonmembers alike.

From 2005 to 2014, there were an average of 10 unintentional, non-boating related drownings EACH DAY. About 1 in every 5 of these was in children 14 years and younger. For every 1 child that dies in a drowning related accident, 5 more children receive Emergency Care for a nonfatal submersion injury. More than 50% of these ER visits result in hospitalization or transfer to a facility that provides ongoing specialized care (as opposed to only 6% admission for other causes of injury). These nonfatal drowning injuries can result in long-term neurological deficits ranging from memory problems and learning deficits to permanent loss of basic functioning or a persistent vegetative state.

As parents, my husband and I have focused on swimming safety in our children each summer since they were 6 months old. Despite the excellent instructors we have had in the past, the children never developed confidence, independence or true understanding of water safety until we were able to reinforce what they learned through year-round swimming.

Despite parents’ best efforts to remain alert and attentive when around water and to teach their children water safety, accidents continue to occur. Therefore, we should not become complacent. I would like to offer sincere thanks to Mary Bath Taylor and The Club at the Township for their ongoing commitment to water safety. I would also like to thank every member of The Club that sacrifices by sharing the wonderful indoor swimming facility with my children and every other person who has a desire to learn water safety through swimming lessons at The Club!!!

Angelle Klar