Been a member since it opened in 2010, was a charter member with voting rights.

I have owned gyms, was at one time the National Fitness Coordinator for the US Secret Service in WDC. I have been into fitness for over 50 years and have been in clubs and fitness facilities all over the world. It is the staff and fellow members that makes the Township special, it’s like a family atmosphere. You can spend hours in the gym talking and interacting with staff and members and never touch a weight or machine.

I am very old and no longer strive for fitness goals. The wonderful people and staff make it easy to push yourself beyond your normal capabilities. This can cause weight loss and less muscle atrophy.

The Club at the Township and it’s wonderful staff and members make you get up and come when you might not be so inclined. Mainly because you are spoken of in a negative way if you aren’t there to defend yourself, even then it can be brutal.

My favorite piece of equipment at the Township is the drink bar and the pool in the summer. As far as workouts, I work out with a group of crazy Phatties (that is a proper noun) that often do 400 reps per body part. Think about that, only takes about 3 hrs.

Larry Rowlett