Here’s what our happy and healthy clients have to say about The Club
Stephanie Savage was amazing teaching combat. She taught classes the way they used to be, high intensity, high energy and all around amazing. Please keep her on the schedule. I never comment,but have been a member since the harbor trailer.
Suzy Everett
I have been a member at the Club at Township since the beginning of 2012. I joined the gym, to get back in shape after having my son in, March of 2012. The Club at Township is a unique gym. It has everything you and your family would need in order to achieve your fitness goals. The facility is very clean and kept in order at all times. The staff is always on top of things and are very friendly. The trainers are top notch and can help you achieve your goals. When I joined the gym it was the only gym that offered daycare all day. The daycare has a great staff that are wonderful with the children. It’s kept clean and has so many things for the kids. They get to enjoy their time at the Club at Township as well. The pool during the summer is a another major reason that I chose to join, The Club at Township. I’m able to achieve all my fitness goal here at The Club at Township. I’m there Monday thru Friday for about 2.5 hours. I’m there on weekends when I’m not out of town. I’m a free weight kind of girl. My favorite machine and workout is bent over single arm cable kickbacks. Thanks to The Club at Township for allowing me to achieve all my fitness goals and to have a fun place for my son to enjoy too.
Ashley Coleman
Been a member since it opened in 2010, was a charter member with voting rights.

I have owned gyms, was at one time the National Fitness Coordinator for the US Secret Service in WDC. I have been into fitness for over 50 years and have been in clubs and fitness facilities all over the world. It is the staff and fellow members that makes the Township special, it’s like a family atmosphere. You can spend hours in the gym talking and interacting with staff and members and never touch a weight or machine.

I am very old and no longer strive for fitness goals. The wonderful people and staff make it easy to push yourself beyond your normal capabilities. This can cause weight loss and less muscle atrophy.

The Club at the Township and it’s wonderful staff and members make you get up and come when you might not be so inclined. Mainly because you are spoken of in a negative way if you aren’t there to defend yourself, even then it can be brutal.

My favorite piece of equipment at the Township is the drink bar and the pool in the summer. As far as workouts, I work out with a group of crazy Phatties (that is a proper noun) that often do 400 reps per body part. Think about that, only takes about 3 hrs.
Larry Rowlett
The kid swim teacher” as someone referred to her earlier, is, MaryBeth Taylor. She is the swim instructor for kids learning to swim so that they may be safe in and around water and maybe even eventually, swim one day for enjoyment. She loves the kids and has a great heart! We love her! The hours she teaches swimming lessons, are posted and not only that, are granted to her by the Club. Sometimes things come up and a schedule may change, but all you need is ask someone. I have never had a bad experience with her or the Club and I am not even a member! Keep on doing your thing MB!!!
Kate Songy
We have have been members at the Club for over 4 years. My wife and I attend at least three to four times a week. We have three small children and are especially grateful for the wonderful childcare they offer. They also have a Fantastic swim team and coach. All of our kids have become adept swimmers and one has now joined a year-round swim team because of his abilities. It is wonderful they can have lessons while we work out!
John Machost
This facility is top notch for swimming and especially swim lessons! They are fortunate to have Mary Beth Taylor as their instructor. She provides a valuable service for our children. This is our second year getting lessons in the indoor pool. Lessons are planned out and posted months in advance so that everyone is informed. I can’t thank Mary Beth enough for turning my child into a swimmer after not even putting his face in the water 3 years ago. This facility is a pleasure!
Carol Poole
Yoga with Donna is an incredible end-of-the-week treat for yourself! She offers a thorough instructional class designed with beginning to advanced options. I always feel fantastic and reset when I leave. If you're feeling extra ambitious, come workout before Yoga at 9:45 and start your weekend refreshed!
Christina E.
The place where luxury and fitness meet.
Jeffrey Holmes
Toured The Club at Township the other day! Very impressed with inviting employees to equipment, ladies’ locker room and overall look. Looking forward to playing tennis on the courts along with shopping in the pro shop.
Lynne McNair Hartley
Best fitness club in the metro.
Mark Nicholson
The instructors are so good in the classes. enjoy it very much.
Selma Stokes Johnson
I really like Club so far. Very nice and clean. I also love the Women’s side.
Theresa Fleming-Haynes
Cleanest gym ever and a wonderful staff. Give every one of those guys a raise!!
Gowon Brisby
Wonderful Place. I feel like maybe this is finally the place to get my mind off of normal problems and feel better about myself.
Priscilla Kemmerer Young
Great staff! They're always helpful and never treat you with anything but respect and consideration
Nate Macke
I appreciate the Club’s commitment to member children by offering a highly successful year-round swim program. Both my daughters have learned to love swim under the direction of their coach. One of the reasons we have maintained our family membership is access to superb swim lessons and a summer swim team that focuses on fun, form, speed, and endurance.
Christy Morgan
The Club is great, and the swimming lesson program run by Coach Mary Beth Taylor for The Club is excellent. I am so impressed by the technique and form my two girls have learned in just a few months with Coach Taylor, thanks to her rapport with her students and ability to keep them focused and excited to learn. The kids can't wait to swim on The Club's swim team this summer.
Trudy Moody
Stephanie Savage was amazing teaching combat. She taught classes the way they used to be, high intensity, high energy and all around amazing. Please keep her on the schedule. I never comment,but have been a member since the harbor trailer.
Suzy Everett
I would like to say that MaryBeth Taylor is such an amazing swim coach for our children!! She takes so much of herself and her time to teach our children how to be safe in and around the water😊. We love her so much and are VERY blessed to have such a phenomenal woman for our swim coach💙!! Thank you MaryBeth for ALL that you do!! You are AMAZING😊. Super excited to have another year with you!!
Angie Rutland
The best atmosphere both professional and no judgement. I would recommend the Club to anyone how is interested in improving their daily lives through fitness!!
Larry Stewart Jr.
Watched our grandkids swim!! It's very well-maintained!
Lee Bishop Thompson
Friendly staff. Great location. Very clean. Love the Club!
Frances Bennett
Best and cleanest workout facility in this area! Love the personnel, and the pool!
Beverly Davis
Great place, fun classes, wonderful people! No matter your level.... beginner, intermediate or professional, the Club has the atmosphere that promotes growth and success!
Renia Reel Bennett
The Club is awesome! Changed my life! The tennis club is great too. Staff super friendly and helpful.
Sue Silkey
Awesome place! Great staff that keeps you motivated!!
Donna Sue Ward
They are always friendly, have the absolute best trainers, and the hours are perfect for a busy lifestyle.
Sabrina Sutherland
Love this place, it has been a good year. Met all my goals and expectations! Love that it's a private and quiet gym where everyone always values gym courtesy. The staff is phenomenal and always welcoming, oh and SO CLEAN!
Vivian Reiber
My family & I have been members of The Club for 10yrs. They have the best staff & trainers!! It's a great value for the entire family!!
John L Rings
Great staff, great environment, a great place to achieve whatever goal your shooting for in the world of fitness. I couldn't have picked a better place!
Shawn Aka-Michael Murray
Excellent equipment and great knowledgeable staff. Great for all ages and conditioning. They have a plan for startups as myself to the hardcore folks such as not me. Check them out.
Billy Churchwell
The Club is one of the best if not the best group of fitness centers in the state of MS. They offer access to multiple locations. They offer great group classes. They have top notch facilities which are always fully staffed. Most important, the facilities are always kept clean. I highly recommend it!
Jonathan JT Taylor
I've heard good things, plan to check you out.
Catherine Widdicombe
What an exceptional place to be! Not only good quality people working behind the counter, but those same people greeting you clean that place Top to Bottom! We are a premiere fitness center with the education, experience, and love for what we do to back us! Come check us out!
Addie Lacey
Love the club!
Derek Dale
The Club is absolutely awesome!
Tuneshia May
Love this place!
Blair Chandler
Awesome health club!
Larry Gilman
The swimming lessons provided by Mary Beth Taylor with the support of The Club at the Township is much more than a sport or an extracurricular activity. It is a commitment to community education, health and safety that is available to both members and nonmembers alike.

From 2005 to 2014, there were an average of 10 unintentional, non-boating related drownings EACH DAY. About 1 in every 5 of these was in children 14 years and younger. For every 1 child that dies in a drowning related accident, 5 more children receive Emergency Care for a nonfatal submersion injury. More than 50% of these ER visits result in hospitalization or transfer to a facility that provides ongoing specialized care (as opposed to only 6% admission for other causes of injury). These nonfatal drowning injuries can result in long-term neurological deficits ranging from memory problems and learning deficits to permanent loss of basic functioning or a persistent vegetative state.

As parents, my husband and I have focused on swimming safety in our children each summer since they were 6 months old. Despite the excellent instructors we have had in the past, the children never developed confidence, independence or true understanding of water safety until we were able to reinforce what they learned through year-round swimming.

Despite parents’ best efforts to remain alert and attentive when around water and to teach their children water safety, accidents continue to occur. Therefore, we should not become complacent. I would like to offer sincere thanks to Mary Bath Taylor and The Club at the Township for their ongoing commitment to water safety. I would also like to thank every member of The Club that sacrifices by sharing the wonderful indoor swimming facility with my children and every other person who has a desire to learn water safety through swimming lessons at The Club!!!
Angelle Klar
Our son has taken swim lessons from Mary Beth for over a year now. His swimming ability has grown leaps and bounds once starting with her. I used to worry about his safety in the pool but not anymore. She has him swimming the length and width of the pool and he is learning proper strokes too. She has a wonderful rapport with the kids- they truly love her. My son is excited every time we tell him it’s swim day. He can tell how much she cares for all the kids. I highly recommend Mary Beth!!
Cathy Dunning
We have thoroughly enjoyed our experience with The Club. We have 2 young children who attend childcare and when we walk in the staff knows them by name. The outdoor resort pool is perfect in the summer- we love the zero entry and "big blue slide" as my son calls it. The Club also hosts parties several times a year (Halloween, Christmas, Easter etc.). We always attend and have fun. We enjoy tennis lessons as well. One of the best parts is the indoor pool facility. Our son has been taking swim lessons with Mary Beth for almost 2 years and can swim the entire pool freestyle (he's only 4 years old). I have seen Mary Beth turn children too scared to put their faces in the water into actual swimmers. Because of Mary Beth I can take both kids swimming by myself and know that my son will be safe- it's an amazing peace of mind. I can't wait for Mary Beth to teach my daughter how to swim when she is old enough. Needless to say, I would highly recommend The Club for families.
Jessica Ahuja